My takeaway

Unfortunately, the trip is finished and back to a normal life. I have learned, observed, and experienced a lot of unique and essential business ideas and concepts.  My first intention of participating in this program was to learn and found business ideas and concepts from  Chines business and markets. As I have intended, I perceived […]

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Foods and culture

From day one in Taipei, till my final days in Guilin,  from street vendor to family-owned restaurants all the way to the fancy restaurants we had experienced the most culturally rich food. Most time, Many genuine and authentic local foods are an expression of one culture, values and tradition. Some of the foods from street food […]

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Final company visit.

In our final company visit of Win-win Inc. I learned a lot from the founder personal and. Business experience. I found the founder Jay as a good model in business and education environment. And he also reminds me of the Ted talk, that how certain people are not single talented. In any case, this generation […]

Read More Final company visit. visits. visit was incredible. One of the take away from this visit was how they focused on actual books rather than digital or audio books. This seems odd for a western reader who has experienced audiobooks recently as a way to go. However, as we learn from the company, they are experiencing success in their […]

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    Today’s HQ visit was one of the most excited and productive companies visits in Beijing. I was amazed by their willingness to host and have Q & A session with the company Corporative VP Gloria LI.  This visit was remarkable and brought great impression in my understanding of e-commerce enormousness and revolutionary growth and […]

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Final official day in Taipei.

In Taipei, I can say that I have a wonderful experience. In general, all companies visit and all visit in Taipei has been a great experienced in my life. During this visit, I have learned how the business environment in Taipei has nurtured a new idea and how it is suitable for many startup companies. […]

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